by Tellit Network

Our Terms

The following are the terms governing the use of the Tellit Network Broadcasting Feature
1. Each broadcast cost NGN 50 (Nigerian Naira) or its equivalent in your local currency.
2. You are entitled to as many broadcasts as you desire
3. All broadcasts must contain the following:
a. Image: 1 image for now, future updates might provide room for more, but until then, only 1 image is required
b. Valid Name: You must provide a Valid Name either your brand name or your personal name, the choice is up to you
c. Valid Email: You must provide a valid email, this is to enable us send receipt of your transactions and include you in our reward system when due
d. A broadcast Title: all broadcasts require a title. This might be the name of your product, report heading, or whatever suits the purpose for which you are broadcasting.
e. Broadcast Link: this might be a link back to your product on Instagram, your website, an online store, online resume, Facebook profile/page, Twitter or WhatsApp chat
f. Description: Kindly describe the content of your broadcast as clearly as possible. If you are broadcasting a product, don’t forget to add specific attributes like price, color, size, availability and location
g. Referral Code: Every broadcast must have a referral code. We are offering a 20% reward per broadcast on every referral. To join the referral system, simply reach us via WhatsApp only on +2348100388027
4. All broadcasters are automatically added to our subscription list. If you do not want to be added to our subscription list please indicate so by sending a message to support@tellitdir.com or reach us via WhatsApp with the number listed above, your broadcasts won’t be sent to members on the subscription list.
5. There are no refunds
6. Only featured broadcasts appear on the homepage, all other broadcasts can be found on the explore page.
7. You are forbidden to use the Tellit Network Broadcast Feature to promote hate, Racism, tribalism, pornography, illegal substances, arms, drugs, weapons of any sort, terrorism etc
8. You are solely responsible for what you upload to the Tellit Network
9. Why we are doing our best to ensure the safe and proper usage of the Tellit Network Broadcasting Feature, you agree not to hold us responsible for any damages as a result of your use of The Tellit Network Broadcasting Feature.
10. This feature is reserved for individuals 18 years and above, if you are below the age of 18, you must use this feature with a supervising adult.
11. You indemnify Tellit Network, members and staff of Ricardo Roze Limited against any and all claims resulting from the use of the Tellit Network Broadcasting Feature.
12. We reserve the right to modify these terms as we see fit without prior notice to you.

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