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Updated: November / 23 / 2019

Posted by : Tellit Network

These are some of the questions that some of our guests and community members have asked and the response to them, we feel you might pick up a thing or two by briefly going over them.

1. What is Tellit Network?

  • Answer.
    Tellit Network is a vast collection of services, a community of business owners, budding entreprenuers, online and offline vendors, stores, organizations, brands and real-time information. Tellit Network is changing the way business owners package and distribute their services with modern business solutions and an evolving community.

2. What services do you offer?

  • Answer.
    1. Broadcasting - (Product/Service Promotion)
    2. Organic Advertising - (Experimental)
    3. Online Vendor Verification - (Anti-Fraud)
    4. Affiliate Marketing - (Earn with us)
    5. Evening Market - (local content)
    6. Fashion Repo - (Bespoke Only)
    7. Business Forum - (Entreprenuers Hub)
    8. Marketplace - (Buy and Sell)

2. Do i have to pay for these services?

  • Answer.
    NO, We offer a free membership account to those who just want over-the-surface minimal usage of Tellit Network. While the free membership account is all you need to become a part of our community, certain options will only be available to you when you upgrade from a free membership account to a premium membership account. see our subscription plans here

    Services like Online Vendor Verification, Fashion Repo, Organic Advertising and Affiliate Marketing are not included in your subscription packages as they carry additional requirements and conditions. To learn more, simply contact us using the help and support link in the navigational menu.

3. How do i start?

  • Answer.
    Simply create a new account by registering for free

4. What is Broadcasting?

  • Answer.
    Broadcasting on Tellit Network is a simple way to promote your services, products or goods on the home page.

  • 4.1 How Does it Work?
    It's simple! if you are a registered member with a free membership account, simply click on the broadcast link in the navigational menu, you will be redirected to a form where you can submit details about the product, goods or services you wish to broadcast.

    If you are a registered member with a premium membership account, simply click Vendor dashboard to create a new broadcast from your dashboard.

    Guest broadcasting has come to an end, you now require an account to broadcast on the Tellit Network.
  • 4.2 Is Broadcasting a free service?
    During our 90 days pre-launch (Jan 20 2020 - March 20 2020) broadcasting will be free afterwhich each broadcast will cost N50.00
  • 4.3 What are your payment options?
    1. Registered members can pay from their wallet balance.
    2. We only accept vPin as payment method. Purchase vPin