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Updated: November / 23 / 2019

Posted by : Tellit Network

Simple guidleines to maximize your experiene on this community

1. User Guidelines

  • 1. Image: Dimension must be 640px x 4800px for optimal output
  • 2. All the field are required on the Broadcast form
  • 3. Pornographic content in it's entirety is prohibited, Broadcasts containing pornographic content will be deleted during review and broadcast fee forfeited
  • 4. Insulting, Trolling and negative comments on Broadcast, Vendor posts is automatic ban. All reviews, positive or negative should be posted on vendor's review page and you must have purchased an item from the vendor before you can leave reviews. Reviews must be for the selected item(s) you purchased only.
  • 5. It is your obligation to report any member who you believe is violating this guidlines
  • 6. All Complaints, requests and enquiry must be made from the help and support page. Clik the link in the navigational menu to start
  • 7. Our services are not for everybody, if you love digital innovations, and are confident and want to utilize the cyberspace to grow your brand, then this platform is for you
  • 8. Make sure you have read and understood our terms and privacy policy.